Dive Sites

The Mediterranean Sea along the northern Israeli coast is characterized by a texture slightly reminiscent of the shores of Europe. The coast is slightly rocky as the sand consists of oyster and shells fractures that create thin gravel. 

Because the sand type and weight sea visibility is almost not impaired by sea storms. A mere one day after a storm, the sand sinks and sea visibility becomes clear again. This aspect of the northern Mediterranean Israeli coast, makes it ideal for diving and divers. 

Autumn, Winter and Spring at the Mediterranean sea are characterized by "Crystal " visibility. During the summer visibility in the Mediterranean is not as good as in other seasons – the best visibility during the summer is from Akko to thr north. 

Animals seen during dives in the area are typical to the Mediterranean rocky shore. 

In the shallow areas you can find crabs, octopuses, sponges, sea urchins, small fish etc. 

Recently there have been an increased number of turtle sightings at various depths, thanks to growing awareness regarding the preservation and protection of sea turtles! 

Mediterranean Sea water temperature ranges from 17 C degrees in winter to 30 C during the summer. Diving is held throughout the year. 

Most dive sites suitable for Open Water divers.