Scuba Diving

The Israeli Mediterranean coast provides breathtaking and exciting sights. The diverse dive sites vary from fragments of shipwrecks, caves and marine life to reefs and unique topographic views.


The fishing center instructs both experienced and inexperienced fishermen. In the center and in the store anyone can get service and professional consultations regarding fishing methods, including: diving with fishhook, dive fishing, fishing from a boat, line fishing and so on. Additionally, our shop offers various type of high quality fishing equipment for sale.

Marine Activities

Putsker Center was established to develop the Mediterranean Sea diving activity in the area of Nahariya in the North of Israel and on the western side of the Sea of Galilee. years, we identified an increased demand for leisure activities suitable for the entire family. As a result, an additional maritime center was established as a part of the club, focusing on boat excursions for all ages (using both fast and slow vessels).