About Us

Putsker Dive Club was established in Nahariya, Israel, in 1994. 

The club is located on Nahariya's seafront, close to the town's fishing harbor and is open all year round, seven days a week, closing only on Yom Kippur. 

Initially the dive club served the local diving community, but over the years the center has grown, developed and expanded the various areas of maritime activity and currently services a large clientele base. 

We serve a wide variety of customers, including divers and fishermen. We cater to both Israeli domestic tourists and international tourists from around the globe. Our customer base has increased over the years and today our diverse activities are aimed at a wide range of ages, from young children (sail boats activities) to mature adults (diving and sailing) who are young at heart… 

We believe that our center is an integral part of the local community. In line with our philosophy, we are involved and active in numerous community and environmental services. 

The center is licensed under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports. 

Community Events

Memorial Day 

Every year, during the Israeli Memorial Day for Fallen IDF Soldiers, within all the events and ceremonies, one very special ceremony takes place under the water at a depth of 24 meters. During this event, our divers place floral wreathes on the deck of the Israeli Navy Ship "Kidon", and at the neighboring underwater memorial monument.

Fishing Contests 

As part of our community activity, Putsker Club is involved in the organization of amateur fishing tournaments. 

The first Open Israeli Championship occurred on Aug 14, 2010 in the Putsker Club. More than 250 people participated (free of charge) at this fun and unique community event.

Environmental Activities

Release "Putsker" 

She almost drowned and died after being caught in a fishermen net. Fortunately, a group of divers with the clubs boat found this turtle, rescued her and evacuated her on the boat to the Israeli Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. 

After two month of intensive care, the turtle, named "Putsker", has been released back into the wild at Rosh HaNikra National Park.

The Clean Coast Project 

Israel has 185 km of beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, of which 150 km are undeclared beaches that suffer from neglect and accumulation of waste. Putsker Dive Club takes part in the Clean Coast Project of the Ministry of Environment Nature and Parks Authority. Our team assists in underwater cleaning days in which the public is invited to participate in this fun combination of diving and cleaning up Israel’s waters.

Youth Activity

Youth Advancement Program 

The Youth Advancement program is designed to promote the wellbeing of at risk children ages 12-18. This program combines both fun and educational activities. 

Club Putsker in cooperation with the organization “Advancing Youth (Kidum Noar)” provides diving courses for youth at risk.